New Online Casinos

When it comes to online casinos, there are always new ones mushrooming up. Although many players like to stick with their favourite casinos, some do like to hop over to these new kids on the block. Quite frequently, they’ll sport attractive and slick designs. But it’s not just out of a novelty factor – there are some real benefits to playing at some of these less established names. In an effort to stand out, new casinos can also have a better mix of games from different game suppliers.

Because new casinos haven’t been around as much, most of them don’t have a solid reputation (yet). So when it comes to choosing a new online casino, checking some reviews will help you separate the gems from the time wasters. Below is a list of some new casinos that I have tried and tested:

Rank Casino Rating Visit
Slot Cafe

Fable casino

Advantages to Playing at New Online Casinos

To stand out from the crowd and make a name for themselves, new online casinos will go to great lengths to attract and retain players. Needless to say, this is good news for players, who can easily benefit from the situation.

Game Variety

Unlike more established casinos that work with just a couple of the big names in game design, the new guys usually work source through different suppliers. Sometimes, the next super game comes from a smaller, boutique game supplier, and you’re more likely to find it at one of these new casinos first.  It’s a great way to move beyond the same ol’ same old and spice up your gaming with more adventurous games, more innovation, and more exciting payouts. While Microgaming and NetEnt make really great casino games, there’s a lot more than that to online gaming.


Lots of casinos offer tournaments, where you compete with other players in playing your favourite games, and then the top players win an extra prize in addition to their winnings. At new casinos where the player base is relatively smaller, you have a greater chance at winning. It’s quite simple really, and just basic maths.


It doesn’t all come quite so perfectly though, and there are definitely some minuses to these new places and you might have to put up with some growing pains. To begin with, new casinos are often slow to implement the full range of customer service that one would expect from the more established places. So while you can get very friendly staff, it might not be available as 24/7 Live Chat. It’s also extremely rare to see toll-free phone support at new casinos. There may also be fewer payment methods available, however, the popular ones like Skrill or Neteller are usually there from the beginning. These are certainly annoyances, but generally speaking they do get better with time.

Review Criteria

So what makes a good new online casino? I evaluate these new casinos by comparing them with the established norms in the online casino landscape. I go very closely into their promotions terms and conditions to confirm that the deals are really as good as they initially sound.  Game variety and the quality of the games are also important factors, because that’s what online gaming is ultimately about.  The best ones will have a mix of games from both big and small developers, so that players can try new games and take a gander down the less trodden path without giving up on their favourite games. Obviously the casinos need to be licensed, and must have one for the UK. And then extra points for casinos that have UK specific promotions or support, mainly because that’s where many readers and myself come from!