Mobile Casinos

With mobile devices becoming increasingly accessible, and processing power growing by leaps and bounds on smartphones and tablets, mobile casinos have become rather popular. Players love taking their games on the road to spice up those commutes on the bus or train, or just move their gaming to a more comfortable position like the couch. Online casinos have been quick to pick up on this demand and have been quick to adapt their games for mobile, and in some cases even a completely unique experience for the smaller screens. Some of the best mobile casinos include Mr Green and Leo Vegas – both of these casinos both already popular with UK players on desktop, and their mind blowing mobile counterparts have snatched up several awards.

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How Mobile Casinos are Rated

The mobile casinos are evaluated according to the following factors.

Mobile Performance

How well do they actually play on phones and tablets? Mobile casinos should deliver at least the same quality gaming experience on a mobile device as it does on a computer. That means crisp graphics, smooth animations and quick loading action.

Number of Games Available

Mobile casinos will have fewer games than regular online casinos, because properly speaking, Work needs to be done – a programming team needs to optimise the games and the casino’s interface so that everything works and is also intuitive for players.

Account Accessibility

Then there are smaller details, like ease of use – how long does it take to register for an account, and are the same payment methods available on mobile as on desktop? These details ensure a smooth transition between online and mobile gaming, so you can switch seamlessly between the two. Extra points when the casino offers special mobile bonuses.

Apps vs. Browser-Based Casinos

Mobile casinos can largely be divided into two species: apps and browser-based mobile casinos. Most online casinos are built with HTML5 nowadays, which means the casino auto detects the device you’re on and adjusts itself accordingly. These mobile casinos will run on any up-to-date browser like Chrome or Safari that supports HTML5. You can go to the casino from your device’s browser, just as you would to any website, login (or sign up) and start playing. It’s quite straightforward.

Apps are to be downloaded and installed on a phone or tablet. Apps are usually better optimised for a phone or tablet’s processing power, and often the gaming experience will feel more immersive, utilising all the advantages of a touch screen. However, note that when it comes to mobile casinos, Android casino apps are not allowed to be listed on Google Play. iOS casino apps can be found in the App Store, but it faces a different problem – the App Store is literally littered with tons of fake mobile casinos. To be sure you are downloading an authentic mobile casino app, the best way to go about it is to go to the casino’s website from your phone or tablet and then to download the app from there.

Games Available for Mobile

There are lots of slots available at mobile casinos. The most popular ones tend to be progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots are networked through different online casinos, as well as mobile casinos, so playing on mobile gives you access to the same gigantic jackpot. Mobile jackpot story headliners began around 2013, when someone in the UK hit the Mega Moolah jackpot on mobile, walking away with £3.7million in just a single spin. If that wasn’t enough, a new record was set when one Swedish fellow won the equivalent of £4 million while playing NetEnt’s Mega Fortune on an iPad.

Many video slots have also been adapted for mobile. You can certainly count on games like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, Immortal Romance, Game of Thrones as ready for mobile. Generally, you can find somewhere around 80 slots ready to play at mobile casinos, although this number is always growing as the programmers optimise existing games and ensure the new ones are designed with mobile in mind.

Table games, and more specifically live dealer games, tend to be relatively weakly represented at mobile casinos. It’s not that they don’t exist – it’s just that they’re not as readily found for mobile as slots are.

Device Support

Generally speaking, browser-based mobile casinos will function on most mobile devices. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a phone or tablet, iOS, Android or Windows – all that is required is a browser that supports HTML5. Certainly, any phone or tablet that came out in 2014 will have browsers that support HTML5, whether it’s Chrome, Safari, Opera or something else. That having been said, performance may be affected by the memory available on your phone, and of course your internet connection. Mobile casino apps might be a bit more finicky, with fewer available for Windows devices. However, casinos try to be as accessible as possible and plan their design to work on devices and platforms that can be several generations old.

Getting Started on Mobile

There are several ways to get started at mobile casinos, but they all should begin by visiting the casino’s site from your device’s browser. If you are already reading this page on a phone or tablet, then simply tap on anyone of the mobile casinos listed here and it will automatically bring you to the casino. From there, there are usually several options. Either you can start playing right away from the HTML5 browser-based casino, or download the casino app listed there. As mentioned previously, the App store does list casino apps, but there’s a lot of rubbish out there, so unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it’s often not the best way to go about things. Some casinos will have a tailored service that delivers the download to your smartphone – go to their website, and punch in your mobile phone number, and the casino will send you a link via a SMS message to download the casino app.

Final Word

Mobile casinos are a fantastic way to take your gaming with you to wherever you want to go, whether it’s on holiday, on your daily commute, or just to your favourite couch. Mobile games are still dominated by slots and jackpots, but table gamers will be happy to know that more table games and live casinos are coming out for mobile. It’s all designed to work with as many smartphones and tablets as possible, so that everyone can jump on board quickly and easily.