Online Bingo

The Internet has transformed bingo from an old-fashioned lottery game played mostly by kids and senior citizens into highly popular social online entertainment in casinos.

Traditional vs. Online Bingo

While bingo halls still use balls to choose the numbers being called, online bingo uses a Random Number Generator to ensure fair play. Online bingo stands out from other casino games by its extensive use and promotion of the chat function, which creates a community feeling like what happens in a bingo hall.  You can connect and chat with like-minded players from all over at almost any time of the day over a friendly game.

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How to Play

The classic Bingo card for online play is a series of 5-by-5 “stamps” each arranged under the 5 letters of the game’s name: B-I-N-G-O. The house then “calls” a series of numbers, typically from 1 to 75, with arrange of 15 numbers for each letter. The player who fills their card or marks a predefined winning pattern is the winner.

As easy as playing Bingo is, many sites make the game even easier by offering an auto-play feature. With auto-play on, just choose a game and how much to bet. The rest is automatic. Called numbers are marked on your card.  You are notified if you win, even if you were busy chatting with your bingo buddies.

Most people are familiar with the rules of bingo, and the online version resembles the classic game, although some game designers and casinos have introduced variations to make things more interesting. After you sign up at a preferred online casino, just go to their bingo section and choose which game interests you most. Often casinos will offer free bingo cards as well as a welcome bonus.

The main two forms of online bingo are single player and multiplayer.

Single-player bingo is designed for players who prefer to compete on their own against “the house” at their own speed and at any time of the day.  This type of game is usually found only at online casinos, not at dedicated Bingo-only sites. Single player bingo is a cousin to keno, which is extremely popular online. After you choose the amount you wish to wager on each card, the play begins.

Numbered “balls” are produced by a random number generator (RNG), a computer algorithm which ensures randomness and therefore fairness. If the number is found on your cards, it will be marked. Single player bingo games typically display a pay table that shows the various winning combinations and the amount offered as a payout for a winner. Bonus games are also offered from time to time, either as a reward for success, or just to keep you interested and playing.

Bonus games for single players often include multipliers, which can increase how many cards you have or reward you free games to increase your chances to get bigger wins. Usually, you are limited in the amount of winnings from bonuses that you can withdraw, because naturally the casino wants you to play more bingo, but these bonuses are still worth taking and are useful for learning the game.

Multiplayer bingo is likely to be even more familiar to you, because it so closely resembles the game you probably played growing up and which is still played in bingo halls around the world. Here you are up against other real-life players, usually in a live setting via a chat room. The goal is to be the first to complete a line/pattern on your bingo card.

After registering with the Bingo site or casino, you choose which game you want to join. These are divided into  ”rooms” which vary in their betting limits and payouts.  After you’ve chosen your room, and buy one or more cards, just wait for the game to begin. As numbers are called, those which appear on your card are usually marked by the system.  It’s a race to see which player in your game will be first to get a winning pattern or line.

Typically, the bigger the entry fee, the larger the prizes. The bigger payouts are in “cover all” games where an entire bingo card must be filled. Some casinos also offer money or points for partial successes, such as completing half a card, or even marking off a single line.

If you are a social animal, enjoy the chatter which accompanies the competition. Bear in mind that players have a language of their own filled with abbreviations you may not recognize immediately! It won’t take you long to get the hang of it, and you may make some new mates. Online bingo players tend to be a friendly bunch: they usually go out of their way to welcome “newbies” and answer any questions you may have.

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Bingo Tips and Strategies

Bingo is a game of pure luck, but it’s up to you to choose where and when to play, which game to play, and how much to spend on each game.

  • Only play at sites offering free practice games.
  • Pay attention to the betting limits appropriate to your play level and budget.
  • In single player games, look for no-deposit bonuses, multipliers, free cards, and progressive jackpots.
  • In multiplayer bingo, choose a site offering frequent games. It’s frustrating if you’re in the mood to play but there are no games on offer for hours.
  • Look for tournaments. These are more exciting and come with larger jackpots.
  • Don’t ignore rooms with smaller jackpots, as they may have less competition.
  • Look out for refer-a-friend deals. You can make money by introducing your mates, and they get benefits too.
  • Compare loyalty programs which convert credits for play to real money.

Play Bingo for Free

It’s a good idea to play free first. Obviously, casinos and bingo sites want you to deposit some money, but they don’t rush you. Usually the free play and for-money options are clearly distinguished and displayed. Many online bingo halls at the bigger casinos will have hours with special rooms with free cards for their regular players. All you have to do is to have signed up for an account.

Play Bingo for Real Money

After you feel comfortable with bingo or one of its variations, you may be itching to play for real money.

Practically speaking, multi-player games will pay more. Online bingo halls will have different bingo rooms, and many of them will list the jackpot that can be won, which can be anything ranging £30 to a few thousand quid when it’s a really special game!

Types of Online Bingo Games

Most games feature 75 balls but some variations have 80 or 90 balls and different card arrangements. Other games are bingo-like but wrapped in a specific theme or with slight variations on play. Check the specific casino rules to learn how to play and the pay table to learn the odds for your chosen game and winning patterns. Play free first and see what feels comfortable for you.

Why Try a Game of Bingo?

Bingo is fun: simple, easy and social. It’s a piece of cake to get started, and if you don’t already know the rules, you’ll pick them up in a jiffy. On the internet, there are different variations to suit different folks, with jackpots big and small, all accompanied by a lively, chatty online community – although if you’re feeling like a lone wolf, you can always opt for a single player game. So give this traditional game a try at UniBet Casino and let yourself be surprised by all the extra toppings online bingo comes with!